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Use these to facilitate conversation with your family.


Enjoy these follow up questions with your kids.

Use the questions below as conversation starters with your preteen.


On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being lowest, 10 being most), how much has your life been disordered in the last week?

Have you recognized that God’s creation has not changed its rhythm? The sun still rises. The sun still sets. There are 7 days in the week and 1 of them is Sunday.

What needs reordering most in your life? Rank these in order:

Wake time

Sleep time


God time

Children’s schoolwork

Work hours


What are you going to do today to celebrate God’s steady order and any successes this week?

Ask your kid to retell you today’s story. (Look up Luke 15: 21-32 if they need a


What is a grudge?

What can you miss out on if you don’t forgive?


What did the older brother miss out on because he stayed angry with his father?

How did the father react when his son returned? (He forgave him and threw a huge

party to celebrate his son’s return.)

Where was the older brother when the younger son returned? (working in the field)

How did the older brother react when he found out that the party was for his

younger brother who’d returned home? (He was angry.)

Why do you think the older brother was SO mad? Have you ever been mad that

someone else got something good that you didn’t think they deserved? (We’ve

probably all felt this way. Help your child understand that feeling this way is okay, but

when we hold onto those feelings, we can miss out on great things like celebrations and

relationships with people we love.)