Use these to facilitate
conversation with your family.

Enjoy these follow-up
questions with your kids.

What is the one thing that most identifies who you are? How would others identify you?

How have trials and difficulties helped you discover your identity?

As Christians we have unique access to JOY despite the difficulties of life. How can you bring this counterintuitive JOY to those around you?

Take time today or this week to read though the entire book of James.

What mission did Peter and John need determination to carry out? (Spreading the word about Jesus)

What did they do on their way into the temple? (Through the power of the Holy Spirit, they healed a man who couldn't walk.)

How did the religious leaders respond to the man's healing? (They were angry, and they put Peter and John in prison)

Did Peter and John stop preaching about Jesus after all this occurred? (No, they kept going and spread the gospel to everyone they met.)

What is something that is hard for you?

What can you do to find the determination to keep going, even when that thing gets really hard?



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