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Ages: Birth - 5 years

A place where preschoolers learn about God through age appropriate curriculum, interactive worship, engaging bible story time, puppet shows, and crafts.


900am & 1020am

Grades: K - 4th

Sundays include a play room, a large group gathering for worship and teaching, followed by a more personal small group time with adult leaders.


900am & 1020am 


Grades: 5th - 7th

M57 is a unique gathering for those not quite children, not yet teenagers. sundays in the youth room include hangout time, games, relevant teaching and small groups.


900am & 1020am




What do you call a group of rhinos?   A CRASH!
Rhinos weigh two tons, can run thirty miles an hour, and can see only 30 feet ahead.
It's easy to see where they have been. Our hope is that our community is different - better - because we are here.


During the summer, we load up all 26 feet of our Bookmobile's shelves with books!

We drive out to neighborhoods where access to books is sometimes limited, and there we set up a mobile library and invite everyone in the community to come take home free books.


  • Rizzuto Elementary:

We feed the teachers and staff on the last day of school, volunteer in the library, assist at the Thanksgiving meal, donate funds to each teacher to help with classroom supplies,

and donate $15,000 per year to fund an extra reading tutor.

  • La Porte Elementary:

At the beginning of the school year, we donate funds to each of the teachers to assist with any classroom set up cost. We provide lunch for the teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation week. There are a number of areas to volunteer including: reading to kindergartners and 1st Graders, helping with special events (Literacy Night, Math & Science Night, Fun Runs, Water Day, etc.) and volunteering in the library to help re-shelve books or assist with the Scholastic Book Fair each semester.

  • La Porte High School:

Every year the high school theater program puts on a large musical, which we donate $500 toward in addition to volunteering in areas such as sewing costumes and building sets. We also get the opportunity to provide lunch for the entire cast and crew as well as organize the large Cast Party following the final performance.

FPC Facilities:

We allow many community groups to use our facilities for meetings and events:
LP Boys Baseball Association, TIFI Football, American Heritage Girls, Homeowners Association, Chatos, Weddings, Dance Recitals, Baby and Wedding Showers, Boot Camps, FFA, and many more.

Christmas Store:

FPC members provide toys and meals for 200-300 people each Christmas season.

Thanksgiving Outreach

Each year we provide a Thanksgiving meal to all of the city's first responders who are unable to be at home with their families on the holiday.

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